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Article: Magic Number Three--Design Ideas

New jewelry designers often ask about designing their first necklace. Combining the right beads can make a beautiful design.

Try these hints:

3 different textures: Pearls, metal, gemstones, and glass all have individual textures, and they often get faceted or cut to create different textures. Use all kinds in one design; mix and match.

3 sizes: Grandma’s pearls are too boring with all the same sized beads. Different sizes will create energy in a necklace design. Use 4, 6, and 8 mm beads together.

3 different colors: Grab your color wheel! Colors can be endlessly combined. By using least 3 different colors in the same design, you will achieve beauty. Look around you and use color clues from fabrics, paint chips, wallpaper, and clothing designs.

3 of the same color: Limiting your color palette can spark your creativity. For example, use 3 hues of blue together and get great results. Try www.colormatters.com for color theory ideas.

3 different shapes: Use bicones(diamond), square, round, oval , and odd shapes together. The variety in shapes will add interest to your designs.

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